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Logo Design for Party Express Bus

Party Express Bus operates a fleet of high-end busses designed to guarantee a great time en route to events. While working on their website, they asked us to help them create a design and logo that embodies their desire to both work and play hard.

The main concept of this design was PARTY! After brainstorming we knew we wanted a design that would entice a nightlife-loving crowd and really encapsulate the feeling of fun. To do this we decided on using a dark background, neon colors, and lighting effects. We created the bus graphic using a photo of one Party Express Bus’ vehicles and worked our Photoshop magic in order to make it look party-ready. The logo itself took a few iterations to get right, but after a couple of sketches we were confident that we had created something that both we and the client were happy with.

What We Did

  • Website Design
  • Logo Design
Two logos, one color and one black and white, for Party Express Bus. Bottom slice of both logos and text reading “Logo Sketches”. Text reading “Party Express Bus” and a number of hand-sketched logos. Image of a bus, t-shirt and text reading “Party Over Here” and “Logo Mockups”. Image of a shirt with the “Party Express Bus” logo. Bottom slice of a t-shirt.

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