Martens Cos - Martens Appraisal | Web and Logo Design by Web Design Studio

Website Design for Appraisal and Consulting Firm.

What We Did

  • Website Design
  • Logo Design
Text reading “Homepage Design” and the logo for Martens Appraisal. A heading on a white background reading “Accurate Appraisals” followed by a short history of Martens Appraisal. Text explaining the various services of Martens Appraisal. A laptop screen demonstrating the homepage of Martens Appraisal complete with the company logo. A laptop screen demonstrating the homepage of Martens Appraisal. The base as well as the bottom part of the screen for a Macbook. Different shades of green, blue and white. White text reading “Secondary Page Design” and the website for Martens Appraisal being demonstrated on a monitor. A large monitor and laptop both of which are showcasing the Martens Appraisal website. A laptop, monitor stand and the bottom slice of a monitor, as well as computer paraphernalia, on top of a desk.

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