Why should I choose you?

Well crap. To be honest, we hoped you would like our really cool portfolio and our matter-of-fact attitude. But we get it. This is a big decision. You need more reasons.

We’re small in number, and we think that’s our greatest strength. By working with us, you’ll get a chance to work with real people, not with a corporate mandate.

We have families, babies, dreams, and opinions. We think our real experiences, when rawly presented, benefit our clients who are trying to appeal to other real people in a real way. For real. You get it.

We’ve been around. Some of the big agencies who were at the top when we started are gone now. Some of the competitors who started at the same time as us have now been absorbed, exploded, or evaporated. We’re still here.

We’re just about the same size as we ever were. We hit our stride when our number of employees and clients was giving us the income and quality of life we were happy with, and we maintained that. It’s a really weird idea for many people, but building a lasting, sustainable, quality business is the only thing we care about. We’re excited to get started on our second decade.

We care. We know. These are beat up, sad old words. But really. We think about your projects when we’re not at work. We make sure that we find the most creative solution for your budget, and we know that we ride on the coattails of each of our clients so your success is incredibly important to us.

We’re honest. We’re not afraid to say, “we don’t like this idea” or “we don’t think we will be as successful if we do it this way.” These are hard words to hear; even harder to say. But clients come to us for honest dialog and honest work. For one goal…success. Not emotional coddling, not “yes men.” But rather a single-minded focus on success through honesty. You can’t get that without deeply caring about your work.

We think our work is really good. Look. Bragging does not come easy to us. But we take consolation in the facts. Our work is featured in lots of books. Our clients get lots of compliments. We try not to focus on the end, but rather the means. We stay up late reading about design. We watch, we blog, we shop, we look, we study. If our nose is devoutly pressed to the grindstone, we know our work is sanded down on the edges where it might not otherwise be smooth.

We LOVE simple. Everything is so hard these days. Have you ever tried to set your DVR to record a show that starts at 7:05? We live in simple. We love it. If we can save you 10 minutes by adding a few extra words into an email, you can bet we’re going to get writing. If we can satisfy your customers by spending a bit more time on your call-to-action, you better bet we’re on that, too. Simple. Simple wins the race.

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