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Clean and Responsive Web Design for Southwestern College

Southwestern College Professional Studies is primarily a web-based education institution that helps adults obtain degrees online. As such, they approached us to help them create a website that would facilitate this goal easily and effectively. We knew that to do this we would have to find a way to make learning about prospective degrees, finding relevant course information, and enrolling as painless as possible, while also being accessible on different devices. With this in mind, we designed their new website with a clean, responsive, well-organized structure, intuitive navigation and a content-first approach that makes finding a degree and signing up for a class streamlined and effortless.

What We Did

  • Website Redesign
Home page design text on white background. Woman’s hair on screen. Woman in blue scrubs smiling. Woman shaking hand. Man in blue shirt smiling in front of open computer. Man writing at table. Woman with earrings in video clip. Stats and numbers on purple background. Small text for Southwestern College. Footer text for Southwestern College. Footer text for Professional Studies department at Southwestern. Footer text for SCPS. Purple background with iPad. Woman smiling. Screens showing man smiling at desk and child eating at table. Text on purple background. Man writing in front of open computer. Woman in video clip. Text on tablet. Detail of footer text. Detail of social links. Edge of tablet. Detail of mobile website for SCPS. Woman sitting with child in front of computer. White and purple text. Man’s face. Woman drinking out of gray coffee mug on computer screen. Computer displaying a woman in front of a computer. Open computer displaying SCPS website. Detail of SCPS website. Details on how to enroll in SCPS. Details of footer text for SCPS. Footer text details for SCPS. Edge of white paper on white and purple background. White paper edge on background with purple watercolor.

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