Who are you?

We think the soul of a company haunts its walls. It’s in the fabric, the fixtures, the emails, and the faces. Here are a few phrases and words that we think and hope sum us up.

Things we like:
Being simple.
Being small.
Focusing on results.
Being purposeful.
Waking up early and staying up late.
Creating lots of ideas.
Saying “NO” to most of them.
Hitting a finish line with breath left to spare.
New technology.
Apple products.
A broad world view.
High ceilings.
That hot-stomach feeling you get when you know the plan is going to work.

Things we don’t like:
Long emails.
Double talk.
Uncomfortable chairs.
Fax machines.
Projects “on hold.”

We were founded in 2001.
We usually have around a dozen employees, give-or-take.
Our employees are concentrated in Wichita, KS, but might be working anywhere in the world.
The foosball and pool table in our office have been unused for going on 2 years.
We’ve had a Panera bagel hanging from the office ceiling for 10 years now. It looks to be in mint condition still…
The very first client we ever had…we still have. And they’re not anybody’s brother or cousin, we promise.

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