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Web Development and Design for Mini-Mac.

Mini-Mac, Inc. brings aerospace fasteners and spacers to the industry, and they needed a website that was sleek and efficient—just like they are. Mini-Mac, Inc. was a relatively new company, so we built their site with growth in mind. We explored who Mini-Mac wanted to become, and we created a site to help them get there. With a new layout, an easy product lookup process, new high-quality product photos, an updated stock list, thoughtfully crafted website text, and a brand spanking new logo, Mini-Mac, Inc. is ready to help people in Wichita and around the world fly safer.

What we did

  • Website Redesign
  • Logo Clean Up
  • Photography
  • Custom Illustration
Close-up of Mini-Mac 45 years logo. Close-up of Mini-Mac's homepage design, featuring an aircraft in flight. View of Mini-Mac products page. Close-up of Mini-Mac spacers. Close-up of safety page on Mini-Mac website. Close-up of Mini-Mac spacers on Mini-Mac website.

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