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Web Design for Events Venue Jumpy Jump Land

Jumping for joy is a common expression used to describe extreme states of elation – it’s also an everyday occurrence at Jumpy Jump Land. Their jump destinations are essentially indoor bounce houses that cater to a variety of different events. And since this bouncing is such serious business, we set to work to design a website that was as colorful as their business model, with a few moving graphics to really give a sense of what’s in store when you sign up.

We bounced a couple of ideas their way and ended up producing a simple, easy to navigate website that allows anyone to schedule jump sessions and easily book online. It’s also responsive so that users can navigate easily on different types of mobile devices. And really, we think it’s a hopping success.

What We Did

  • Website Design
  • Application Development
Website header with the text “Website Design” and top third of a monitor showcasing website navigation bar. Middle slice of a monitor displaying website homepage. A desk, keyboard, bottom of a monitor and office paraphernalia. Colorful text reading “Schedule A Party Now!” on a white background and two purple buttons. Text reading “Responsive Design”, the top of a tablet and the navigation bar of website. Middle slice of a tablet and website with text reading “Your Kids Party Playhouse” and photos of happy children. Mobile device and tablet demonstrating responsive web design on their respective screens; pictures of a jumping castle and happy children. Grey background displaying the bottom slice of both a mobile device and a tablet with responsive web design.

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