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Website Design for School Administration App.

a.school (pronounced ay-school) is a school administration and management app. After creating the app itself, we went to work building an intuitive website, logo, and brand with the aim of bringing schools, administrators, students, and guardians together in one location. We opted for a simple logo that would give their brand an immediate, striking presence and a matching color palette. Like a school, we wanted the design to be somewhat playful, but still extremely functional. We led the design of the website with a copy-first approach, outlining all of the pertinent features and important functions that readers should know about the app.

Ultimately the goal was to build a site that not only conveys the complete functionality of the app but gives a.school the tools to effectively grow their digital learning community.

What We Did

  • Website Design
  • Custom Icons
  • Custom Illustration
  • Custom Video
  • Content Creation
  • Application Programming
  • Logo Design
Text reading “Logo Design. Two variations of the a.school logo. Two further variations of the a.school logo. Text reading “website design” on a white and blue background. Logo and top navigation of a.school website. Text reading “My Home Is” and back on a child’s head. Text reading “A.school” and demonstration of app homepage. Demonstration of app in use on blue and white background. Headings and text on blue and white background. Text reading “No hurdles. No resistance. Only results.” and two icons. Demonstration of website homepage on a screen. Text and image of a keyboard. Demonstration of app and text reading “Student Records,” “Staff Management”, “Classes.” Demonstration of app and text reading “Centralized Billing.” Icon of paper plane, heading, text, and demonstration of app. Demonstration of app on white and blue background. Text reading “Ready to get started?” on blue background with two buttons. Logo, navigation and space to opt-in on a mailing list. Text reading “Secondary page.” Demonstration of secondary page on a laptop screen. Demonstration of secondary website page on a laptop screen. Open MacBook Air on a wooden desk.

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