McPherson College | Smart Marketing Collateral for Kansas' McPherson College

Smart Marketing Materials for McPherson College.

McPherson College started in 1887. That means they needed brand collateral that could withstand more than 130 years of innovation and growth. We developed a brochure, a coffee mug design, and even a magazine to help shout all the reasons why students deserve a school like McPherson.

what we did

  • Stationery Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Magazine Design
  • Logo Clean Up
Close-up of red business cards and business card text for McPherson College employees. Close-up of business card design for McPherson College. McPherson College logo on stationery. Close-up of McPherson College's stationery. Teens smiling on the cover of McPherson's brochure. Close-up of McPherson brochure design. Magazine design for McPherson College with teens laughing and smiling. Magazine design for McPherson with teens riding a bike. Close-up of McPherson brochure with teens standing in a circle.

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