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Web Design for Wichita, Kansas Lumber Company.

Fisher Lumber turns houses in Wichita, Kansas into homes— something they’ve been doing since 1955. We wanted to do the same thing with their website, so we morphed their story into homepage content, turned their services list, photos, helpful tips and other resources into easily navigable pages, and did the heavy lifting required to make sure the whole thing was as well-crafted as any Fisher Lumber project. With a responsive design, renovators, home builders, and project novices can learn about Fisher Lumber’s quality products on the go.

What We Did

  • Website Redesign
  • Content Organization
  • Responsive Design
Close-up of homepage design, featuring a home's interior. Close-up of responsive design example for Fisher Lumber. Close-up of Fisher Lumber page text. Close-up of responsive design for Fisher Lumber, displayed on a tablet. Close-up of let's help and Andale location page text for Fisher Lumber. Close-up of secondary page design for Fisher Lumber. Close-up of client testimonials for Fisher Lumber. Close-up of get a quote page for Fisher Lumber. Close-up of Fisher Lumber's gallery page, featuring a picture of slabs of wood and raw lumber. Fisher Lumber's get a quote page displayed on a Mac laptop.

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