Harness | App Design and Web Design Concept

App Design and Website Design for Safety Management App.

As most people know, getting out of bed to get to work is tough. It turns out that getting permission to work is even tougher. OSHA regulations are notoriously difficult to navigate, which is why Harness/OSHA Compliant is on a mission to help businesses stay informed and compliant when it comes to dealing with OSHA and safety management.

They approached us to help them create a cloud-based app and website which would allow businesses to become and remain OSHA compliant. And because OSHA can be so complicated, they wanted something that was simple and intuitive which was both web-based and mobile-friendly.

The resulting concept was a pared-down, no-frills logo, business card, web, and app design that was both functional and attractive. We made it so that both employees and employers can have easy access to any and all OSHA documents and data, streamlining administrative processes and making getting to work a quick and simple process. This way, the only thing that workers have to worry about at the start of the day is getting out of bed.

What We Did

  • Website Design
  • Application Development
  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Design
Logo concept backgrounds. Two different variations of the brand “Harness”. Navigation bar of the Harness website. Harness masthead with watermarked image and the top half of a phone demonstrating the app. Watermarked image with the bottom half of a phone demonstrating the app. Green background with white text describing the app. Button that says “Get Started”. Two buttons for “Companies” and “Individuals with watermarked images in the background. Two columns of bullet points demonstrating the features of the two modes of the app. Three buttons which say “Document”, “Communicate”, and “Track”, as well as white text describing the features of the app. Image demonstrating how the app looks on a laptop as well as white text. App demonstration on the bottom slice of a laptop as well as a slogan in white text. Call to action in white text, two input boxes, and a bottom navigation bar. Grey background. Header: “App Design” and the top half of a tablet demonstrating the app. Middle part of a tablet demonstrating the app and two pens to the side. Bottom of a tablet demonstrating the app, a tablet keyboard and various background blueprints. Bottom slice of a grey background; part of a desk. Header: “Business Card Design”, a business card for Harness with all of their details. The front and back designs of a Harness business card in green, white and dark blue. The front of a Harness business card in dark blue with green text.

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