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Logo Design for Travel Agency.

ANZ Tours is a travel agency that operates tours around New Zealand. They reached out and asked us to design a logo that embodied their services and operations. We wanted the iconography to be something that instantly drew the mind to New Zealand, and so, naturally, we opted to use the Kiwi bird as the primary graphic. The color palette was similarly inspired by the terrain, and we used two shades of green to represent the verdant beauty of New Zealand’s wilderness. The result was a unique color scheme and logo which represents everything the island nation has to offer.

What We Did

  • Logo Design
ANZ logo and text reading “ANZ Tours” in black and white, and muted greens. Two rectangles of different tones and the top of a green border. Text reading “logo mockups”, a hand holding an ANZ business card with logo. Part of a hand, part of a mug, part of a business card, all on a green background. Two white mugs displaying the ANZ Tours logo on a green background.

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