Bid My Lawn | Corporate Web and Logo for Professional Company

Web Design for Wichita-based Bid My Lawn.

What if you could wish for something and get that wish granted almost immediately? Bid My Lawn is sort of like that. They interrupted traditional lawn care service offerings with an old-school idea— people who need lawn care list their needs and professional lawn care companies can bid to work on those projects. We imagined a small neighborhood and the professionals who care for it— from there, we crafted a logo and an illustrated website that makes lawn maintenance and little more fun and way easier.

What We Did

  • Website Design
  • Logo Design
Piece of Bid My Lawn logo developed by Entermotion. Botton half of Bid My lawn logo, developed by Entermotion. Grey truck with green and brown Bid My Lawn logo on side. Wheels of truck and one slice of truck featuring a man running with lawn equipment. Close up of man wearing a brown shirt with a Bid My Lawn logo. Close up of man in brown shirt and hat with Bid My Lawn logo. Detail of Bid My Lawn’s webpage featuring tiny houses and cityscape. Detail of Bid My Lawn’s website featuring main nav and header. Illustrated houses punctuated with maintenance icons. Detail of homepage text for Bid My Lawn’s website. Detail of footer text for Bid My Lawn’s website. Clip of secondary page design text for Entermotion’s portfolio page. Detail of response web design for Bid My Lawn featuring Bids page. Detail of lawn maintenance companies listed on index page. Computer image and notepad. Detail of main navigation for website— featuring an about us page, homeowners page, and lawn crew page. Detail of page text featuring photo of boy relaxing in grass above an illustrated house. Roof of orange house below an illustrated gray house and green trees. Orange house with active apple tree behind a white picket fence magnified times two..

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