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Website Design for Bergkamp Construction.

Bergkamp Construction has been in business in Wichita, Kansas since 1955, and they wanted a website that would highlight their old-school values with their modern approach to construction. If you driven in Wichita, you’ve probably seen some of their handiwork— from the Koch-Wichita campus to vegetation maintenance on the Wichita Floodway, Bergkamp Construction helps keep Wichita moving in the right direction. We developed a responsive website that helped them clear the obstacles, share their narrative, and dig a path to their ideal customers.

What We Did

  • Website Redesign
  • Brochure
Close up browser with Bergkamp Construction's website displayed. Read Bob Bergkamp logo and main website navigation. Yellow CAT machine in foreground with smoke stacks in background. Close up of CAT machine digging dirt on worksite. Close up of Bergkamp Construction's website designed by Entermotion design studio. Bergkamp's website designed by Entermotion, displayed on MackBook Air. Close up of design details for Bergkamp website, created by Entermotion design studio. Close up of railroad page on Bergkamp's website designed by Entermotion. Railroad tracks in front of construction worksite. Close up of railroad tracks at construction site. Close up of railroad track displayed on Bergkamp Construction's website. Detail of website text, designed by Entermotion for Bergkamp Construction. Web design details for Bergkamp Construction's website homepage. Close up of website display for Bergkamp website design. Website display from Bergkamp Construction's site. Close up of text snippet from Bergkamp Construction's website, designed by Entermotion. Close up of history text for Bergkamp Construction's site, designed by Entermotion. Image gallery featuring construction equipment for Bergkamp Construction's website. Red block filled with white text about Bergkamp Construction. Close up of dirt texture on Bergkamp Construction's website. Website design display for Bergkamp Construction. Close up of text snippet and image gallery for Bergkamp Construction. Close up of red block with white text about Bergkamp Construction's projects. Detail of iPad screen with image of man in front of construction equipment. Close up of railroad track at construction site. Detail of railroad track displayed on iPad. Close up of Bergkamp Construction mobile website design by Entermotion. Railroad tracks in rural construction worksite. Quarry next to red business card for Bergkamp construction. Responsive website designed by Entermotion in Wichita, Kansas. Mobile page detailing Bergkamp's work, developed by Entermotion. Hand holding mobile phone displaying Bergkamp Construction's website. Quarry on cover of brochure designed by Entermotion. Gallery of images in brochure featuring railroad track and construction sites. Quarry in brown and text about Bergkamp construction on right, designed by Entermotion.

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