What’s your website design process?

We’re not formulaic. We go with the flow and we tweak projects as they transform—that’s part of what makes our work truly custom. But over the years, we have learned what works. So here’s a peek into the general process of having a custom website designed and built by Entermotion.

Fact finding, competition analysis, and taste assessment

We’re like spies. We get inside the customer’s head. We ask a lot of questions. We take a tour of facilities, if possible. We try out your products. We get to the root of your business and we take a lot of notes.

We dig deep, and then go a little deeper. Who are you up against? What are they doing well? What gaps are they leaving? How can we differentiate? How are you unique?

We don’t design projects for our clients, but rather for the customers of our clients. It’s the most important thing, right? That said, we approach the marketplace with authenticity. We get to know the attitude and taste of the brand before we get moving.


We believe a story is best told if the design is built around the content. So first, we plan the navigation, which means we figure out what pages will go on the site, and what content will go on those pages. We can write it, or you can. We use a website planning tool we built called Jumpchart to organize this stuff along the way.


Once we know what goes where on your site, we’ll start designing. We use our research and our instincts to develop a custom design that matches your goals.

Programming and building

Once we have an approved design, we start building the actual site. We have in-house programmers, so we build a custom CMS for every site we work on, no matter how small. It’s super easy to use — we made sure of that. We’ll put the site on a development server, which means it’s not live to the rest of the world yet, but you can test it till your heart’s content and know exactly what it will feel like when it launches.

Final review and launch

We make sure you absolutely love your website before we move forward. When you’re sure every pixel, word and CTA is perfect, we’ll start launch preparations. We track down bits of information and logins to make the process smooth.

Post launch support

We’re all about support. We make sure you’re happy, even past the finish line. You’ll have the keys to run your site like a boss, but we’re happy to help out at any point.

We typically work within a 60-90 day completion timeframe, and we take care to build a well-crafted website that can carry your brand as high as you need it.

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