Brilliance in Simplicity

Close up of website designed by Entermotion, Wichita's web design studio, for Bergkamp Construction

Bergkamp Construction was founded in 1955 with a simple goal: to work hard and develop construction projects the right way. When we tackled their web project, we kept their mission in tact, which you can see in the brilliant animated masthead, re-telling of their history, and well organized projects page. 

Their new site features a large picture-based layout that shows off their big goals. We implemented dirt-like textures, a parallax scroll feature, and, of course, a fully responsive site that would look stunning on desktop or mobile devices. Oh, yeah, and we created a cool way for Berkamp to share their narrative– the numbered structure hints at Bergkamps simple step-by-step process to keep construction projects running smoothly. 

We’re excited for this redesign, and we can’t wait to hear about all the new stuff Bergkamp gets up to!


Fulfilling Hayes Company’s Needs

Close up of Hayes Company design by Entermotion, Wichita's website design studio.

Hayes Company offers full supply chain solutions by managing inventory, overseeing temporary warehouses, and managing all those small details that make your supply chain great (from invoices and order receipts to returns and new product roll outs), and they partnered with us to make their website stand out. We swooped in to make sure this was another process that really worked. 

* Links that expand on hover, stories that unfold as you scroll, and a menu that closes up neater than ever are only part of Hayes Company’s new website

* We developed an employment section so prospective employees could find and apply for open positions and admins could easily update position listings 

* We integrated narrative animations so the Hayes Company website could move as well as they do 

* We provided a flexible and modern website which allows Hayes Company to reach more end users no matter their device 


A Practice in Organization

 Example of corporate web design by Entermotion design studio.

AvFab makes flying more comfortable by providing updated equipment and by servicing outdated aircraft interiors. They carry a hefty product line, and we created a website that would help them display their 200+ products with ease. 

We came up with some innovative ways to make their product line more streamlined and their product database easier to manage:

* Automagically generated meta tags

* Developed CSV export/import feature so admins could update and edit key product details without having to work through all product information

* Developed custom scripts to migrate old data to new custom database 

* Learned previous code to ensure proper migration of search algorithm feature so all searches on new site displayed the same products as the old site

* Created drag-and-drop photo feature from the admin so website owner could easily change photo order with a few clicks

* Added the ability to search for items globally, even when they’re not directly related to a specific aircraft

* Developed custom layout featuring unusual page items–  we took extra effort to build and support these shapes properly across all devices and browsers

* Created a responsive site with retina support means a better overall cross-browser experience

* Added multiple upload feature in back end to make it easy for bulk uploads

* Developed makes/models/categories menu, allowing users to filter product listings easily on mobile and desktop

* Added site-wide animation




Reinvigorating Beau Monde Spa’s Website

Display of Beau Monde Spa's site, designed by Entermotion, Wichita's web design studio.

Beau Monde Spa is known for their luxurious spa packages, relaxing environment, skilled and welcoming staff, and ability to make even the most rigid among us feel calm again.  When they came to us about developing a clearer website yesterday, we were excited to take on the challenge. We were able to do a lot in just under a month. 

* We made it easy for spa-goers to schedule appointments, discover new deals, and connect with their favorite masseuse at each location

* We updated schema so search engines would point to Beau Monde Spa’s cool services

*  Reimagined fonts make it easy for Beau Monde Spa to share their message with the world

* We imagined the most peaceful place we could picture, and we turned it into a website

* We added a bohemian twist by incorporating watercolors and botanical elements to keep the site in line with Beau Monde Spa’s branding goals

With their new website, Wichitans can experience a breath of fresh air. The new Beau Monde Spa site is spacious, calming, and earthen. Just like their welcoming staff. 


What We’re Thankful for this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving from Entermotion, Wichita's website design studio

Whaaa? How is it Thanksgiving already? We’ve accomplished a lot recently, and in honor of the Thanksgiving tradition, we wanted to let you in on some secrets, some projects we’re thankful for, and one weird Thanksgiving fact buried in there. 

Crown III Realty was our very first client, and we relaunched their website this year. We’re thankful that we were able to sharpen our skills at developing interactive maps, setting up external storage systems, and supporting a flawless real estate journey. And we’re thankful to still be working with our very first client! 

We love working on EMR, and we are thankful to announce that we expanded their 3rd party lab integrations, added more flexibility for inventory management across branch locations, and implemented fax support improvements and expansions. Kaboosh! 

We’re thankful we got to launch a brand new version of our very own website! What? We have to use our powers on ourselves from time to time. Also FYI forks weren’t invented during the first Thanksgiving, so they probably ate with knives and spoons. Talk about a challenge. 

We harnessed the power of SEO to update alt tags, metadata, and content on our clients’ websites.  

Kice Industries develops custom airflow for their clients, and we were thankful to work on custom designs for them. 

We are thankful we got to smile with Nordhus Dentistry as we supported the development of their Smile Giveaway campaign, and we’re happy we  got to flex our animation muscles by developing scripts and vides for Nordhus Dentistry and Integrity Medicine (we’ll send you a peek once it’s ready for you!) 

Now excuse us while we Google “make the crispiest turkey that tastes good” until Thanksgiving arrives. We’ll be out of the office today and tomorrow, but we’ll be back in action on Monday, November 27th! 

Happy eating!  

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