A Spooky October Playlist

We love Halloween, and in honor of the spooky, cooky, and pumpkin-filled treats, we gift you with this creepy playlist to keep you on edge for the rest of October. 


Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day! We love to work, but we’ll be spending the day with our families (and maybe catching up on our favorite TV shows . . .) We’ll be back at it on Tuesday, September 4! 



Crown III Puts a Heart On It

Should home buying remain stuffy, scary, and confusing? Crown III Realty didn’t think so and neither did we. Want to know how many houses are on the market, which ones have upcoming open houses, and exactly how your agent can help you settle in to the home of your dreams? Easy pop-up references, bright displays, and slide-out tips make it easy for buyers and sellers to get all the info they need fast. Want to be able to save those houses to your favorites? Put a heart on it. We did. 

Example of Crown III Realty's responsive website design by Entermotion

We didn’t want to make people click to zoom, and we borrowed an idea from eCommerce that ended up taking over the site. Large images, not postage stamps. That was the main idea behind the redesigned photos, and it carried us through the entire site. 

And we had fun developing a well-curated home page that highlighted some of the most interesting or beautiful homes in Wichita. 

We focused on some important features:

* An interactive map search that integrates with Google Maps and the MLS to pull and reflect accurate data

* An external storage system to maintain the hundreds of thousands of pictures the site holds

* A CDN to make sure all static assets are delivered as quickly as the visitor’s internet connection will allow

* Direct MLS access to make it possible for buyers to receive up-to-date listings

* A password-protected feature to allow buyers and sellers to log in, track your favorite homes, and receive email updates

* Listings sortable by year built, price, or recent building

* Open house information that slides up on hover

* Database to store favorited houses when a visitor registers for an account 


Sparking Off Some Design Ideas

When JRC Welding and Fabrication came to us about needing a new site, we were hot on the trail. We think they’re especially cool because they offer a mobile welding service. So when we want new hairpin legs for our Nordic-inspired bed or when we need an ornamental steel object for the backyard, we know who to call. Yeah. You heard us! Wheel in the oversized handrail for our really tiny stairs. We want to scare the neighbors.


JRC website design by Entermotion

Kice’s New Digs

Kice Industries, Inc. produces and sells air products and services for the food, milling, plastics, and wood industries, and we set them up with a new website that would be airy enough for all their needs. Check out Kice’s new website and let us know what you think!

Close up of Kice's responsive website, designed by Entermotion in Wichita, KS

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