January Roundup

Happy January! We’ve been happily working around here and we’ve been honored to get busy with some amazing projects. Here’s a little peek at what we’ve been up to recently!

We launched Fisher Lumber’s new website, wrote a blog about it here and put it in our portfolio here. Whew!

We teamed with Hanson & Wright and Copp Media to design, coordinate, and launch Cornejo & Son’s new website!

We donated $100 to this awesome charity, The Need, in the name of our friend and past team member Matt Soria.

We’ve been creating Atlas MD’s referral program campaign.

We’ve been working with the Wichita Aero Club to send out emails promoting their upcoming Gala.

And it’s not just us– a lot of our friends and business relations have been doing some incredible things!

For Atlas, DPC doctors are happy — they made the right decision.

Contech has been providing informational blogs to help readers understand the new PATH act.

Open Range productions has been adding some beautiful new videos to their portfolio.

Stribling Equipment and Empire Trucks opened up a new location along I-10!

Youth Academy is holding their Dare to Dream workshop on Wednesdays in Kansas.

We’re excited to see what our clients and friends do this year! If you have exciting news to share with us, please email info@entermotion.com so we can celebrate with you!



Extending Your Brand: How Design Firms Can Help You Reach Your Goals

How to Extend Your Brand

Imagine that you handle sales for a mid-sized company, but your boss calls you in for a meeting on Monday morning. Your boss needs you to handle a redesign of your website, but you’re not a designer. Instead of searching for freelancers or contacting your cousin’s friend’s girlfriend who once designed a website for your uncle Larry’s spa company, it’s best to have a company on standby whose work you trust and whose capabilities are aligned with your mission. Working with a trusted design firm can help you ensure that your goals and vision are met with excitement and skill.

A Lasting Partnership

A creative partnership is not easy— it takes a lot of meetings, a lot of saying no, and a lot of trust, so it’s important to forge partnerships with people that you trust. Yes, metrics matter. Yeah, analysis is important. But if you can find a team whose spirit you believe in, who motivates you to perform your best every time, and who can help you achieve your goals, then the rest will follow from that. When you work with a design firm, you work with a team of people who care about your goals, who understand your needs, and who can help you make progress.

Sharing Success

Imagine that you receive an award-winning logo from a design firm. After five months, your company receives some local successes. Your products are appearing in magazines, your team is winning awards left and right, and your brand is starting to stand out. Your design firm is going to celebrate with you. A design firm is going to act as a partner, your biggest fan, and your support system. They’ll know your company intimately, so whenever there’s a problem, you can call them up, they can fit you in, and you can show up to work happy and healthy on Monday morning with no signs of sweat, Photoshop disasters, or broken websites. It’s as simple as that.

Specialists Are…Special

This one is obvious, but it’s something that we think gets thrown under the rug a lot. Specialists are trained and skilled at what they do. You wouldn’t go to a veterinarian for a haircut (even though they can probably cut a mane very well), and you wouldn’t look to a ballerina for an oral exam (unless they also have their Doctor of Dental Surgery degree). The beauty of working with a firm is that they care deeply about their cause and they care deeply about yours because, let’s face it, when you do well, they do well. And they want to be toasting the Champagne with you when you hit your goals.

What You Can Get

A design firm can give you tons of support, but we like to think that the best thing they can offer is a sense of peace. Yeah, you still have to go to your boss and show them what the design firm came up with, but the pressure is off of you a bit because you’re working with a team of people who understands the business of design and who can deliver on exactly what they promise. It makes it a little bit easier to manage the rest of your workflow when you don’t have to think about the design and upkeep of a website.

Spotlight on Cornejo

Visionary. That’s what we think of when we think of Cornejo, a company with a variety of subsidiaries, plants, and locations. What sets this company apart? Well, everything. They’re long lasting, involved in the community, and they seek to engage with the environment in sustainable ways. Their team is large. Their goals are large. And their excitement is immense. So what did that mean for us? It meant that we had to create something that was truly powerful, but subtly so.

If you look at concrete being poured, asphalt being laid, or buildings being demolished, the first thing you think of probably isn’t peaceful. But there is something peaceful and even beautiful about a company like Cornejo & Sons — they take one structure, piece of land, or space, and they transform it based on rigid expectations and goals. And they sort of do it all with ease. We think that their video masthead, the almost invisible vignette, the scope of the site, and the colors we incorporated point to just that — subtle, powerful beauty.


We’re not trying to toot our own horns or anything, but we think it’s important to discuss and explore the process. Normally, that process starts with the bigger picture and trickles down to the final product.

We sort of like to follow this advice from Petrula Vrontikis, a graphic designer: “Practice safe design: Use a concept.” –  (via Skill Crush).

We all know that aggregates are powerful and essential. We tried to distill that idea down into a site that would have multiple moving parts that all work together to create one well-organized final product. A site that would allow Cornejo and all their subsidiaries to present themselves as the powerful team that they are.

For One, For All, For Better

We like pushing ourselves a little bit more with each project, and we’d like to think that we pushed ourselves a bit with our video editing experience and our ability to compress a concrete ton (get it?) of information into a site that would be easy to navigate and not coarse to look at. Sorry for all the construction jokes…

And let’s face it…we got pretty excited about color correcting the images so they were a bit closer to the logo. Sometimes, it’s the little things that really get us pumped. We were excited that we got to work with Hanson & Wright, who managed, planned, and coordinated the project and the project resources, and Copp Media, who handled all of the SEO details and worked on social media and architecture with us. Check out their new website here.

Jingle Bells, New Year, and…Naps?


It looks like the holidays are upon us again! We’ve had a great 2015 at Entermotion — we’ve worked with amazing clients, we got to spend time doing what we love, and we worked on some exciting projects. We’ll be taking a little break for the holidays, and we’re excited to spend some time with our family and friends, eat some holiday treats, and maybe even take a nap or two.

We’ll be out of the office starting Thursday, December 24th, but we’ll be working hard on your projects again starting Monday, January 4th. We’ll be getting back to emails on the 4th, so if you have an emergency, email us at info@entermotion.com and note it in your subject line.

We hope you have a happy holiday season, and we’re excited to see what 2016 brings!

Happy holidays!


Cool Causes to Support During the Holidays

The holidays are here! Woohoo. In between frosting the windows and hugging your friends and family, you might want to consider giving to some cool causes. There are so many causes to support, and each company has their favorites. If you’re scratching your head about who to support this year, check out some of our favorite tech, arts, and local causes this year.

  • Wikipedia runs without advertisements, and as a non-profit, they rely on donations to keep going.
  • Child’s Play What? A company that donates video games to children in hospitals and domestic violence centers. We’re for it!
  • Barefoot College works with marginalized women in order to provide opportunities that will improve their education, self-respect, and lives.
  • Big Dream Movement although there isn’t a spot to donate, you can email the Big Dream Movement to see how you can get involved. The Big Dream Movement supports girls breaking into STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), and they back it with Big Dream, a documentary that follows the lives of young woman interested in STEM.
  • Coders 4 Charities is awesome. They pair coders with causes that need coders. It’s simple, it’s awesome, and it is a good cause. What more could you want?
  • Common Sense is a cool company based in San Francisco that is spreading unbiased tech knowledge to kids, schools, and families.
  • DAPCEP provides educational programming to underrepresented kids in Michigan.
  • Public Art Fund is an NYC-based non-profit that brings free installations to New York City.
  • World Wildlife Fund has a mission to conserve global resources and protect endangered species.
  • Sierra Club has a large mission: to protect the planet by leading a variety of programs dedicated to eliminating pollution, protecting wilderness and parks, and by supporting adventurers everywhere.
  • Coral Reef Alliance improves reef management, reduces threats to reefs, and ensures sustainable tourism.

Wichita Based

  • Arts Partners is another Wichita-based non-profit with a big heart. Their goal is to create a partnership between schools, artists, and local cultural organizations so children can receive a fuller arts education.