Why You Want a Website that Grows With You.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney

Just because your company is where it is now doesn’t mean it will be there next year … or in two years. You’ll grow, you’ll add employees, you’ll add departments, you’ll expand your target audience. Maybe one of those things – maybe all of those things. The website you have now might be perfect for today, but who’s to say you won’t outgrow it? You might decide you want a virtual portfolio, a blog, or an entire online store. That’s perfectly normal, and a fabulous problem to have, but it can get expensive if growing means you have to build an entirely new website each time.

Just like women’s clothes, websites are NOT one size fits all. A package deal might sound good on the surface (“look at all those features!”) but don’t judge a book by its cover. Your initial excitement over all those features will probably turn into confusion, or frustration when you realize you only use a core few of them and the rest are baggage slowing your system down.

We believe in a custom-made web presence, so we are of the opinion that you should pay for only what you need. It’s why we build websites around the idea that building a strong foundation is key – additions are easy after that.

Along with being able to add features like a blog, e-commerce and photo albums, here are some other things you should think about to make sure your website grows right along with you. (more…)

Why You Should Outsource Copywriting – And How to Decide Who to Hire.

If you have an in-house creative team, copywriters are probably part of it. Many times, this setup is ideal. After all, they’re immersed in your business all day, every day. They know the terminology. They’re right down the hall to yell at if you don’t like something, or praise if you do.

Having said that, outsourcing your copywriting can be incredibly beneficial – oddly enough, for some of the very same reasons.

Benefits of Outsourcing Copywriting

A Fresh Perspective

The same perk that works for the in-house copywriters can also work against them. They’re immersed in your business – all. the. time. If the message you’re sending needs freshening up, a new angle might be just what the content marketing doctor ordered. It’s hard to get that type of freshness when you’re too close to a project, though, so take a proverbial step back. Someone who can objectively look at your business can also offer a fresh twist on your business’s objective – and help reach new audiences. All, of course, without deviating from your overall brand message.


Let’s pretend for a minute you don’t have a creative team in-house. Let’s also pretend your sales manager is writing your ad headlines. On the surface it might seem like you’re saving money by using the resources you already have. But think about it this way: you’re actually missing business opportunities by not having an expert talk to your audience. Not an expert in your business, per say, but an expert at putting the words in the right order to make your target audience perk up their ears and listen. A professional copywriter is going to make sure all the elements of well-written content is there, including a call to action.


Congrats From Go Welsh.


We’ve been fortunate enough to have our work featured in quite a few books over the years. But this is a first. The folks at Go Welsh sent us a nice thank you gift in the form of a letter and a little Moleskine notebook. Thanking us for getting our work featured in their book is an unexpected, but fantastic gesture. Thanks guys!

Know Yourself and Good Design Will Follow

So you’ve been paying people to design things for you. Fliers, direct mail pieces, landing pages, everything. It’s usually a tedious process, a lot of back and forth. And it’s a fun challenge, one we’re always up for.

But we’ve been thinking: How do artists get away with just “throwing something together?” And why doesn’t this work when we’re working with our clients?


A Good Businessman Would Accept Any Reasonable Offer.

When we started out we charged next to nothing for logos. For work in general. As our portfolio and reputation grew, we charged more.

With time, a logo cost 3, 4, or 5k without question. The reason it got more expensive, is because as we grew, we worked with bigger companies. These companies had bigger boards of directors, marketing panels, etc.

In short, they were harder to deal with because they could not make up their minds. Our strategy of “work till you are happy” didn’t scale to a group of people that by definition could not be totally happy.