3 Things To Change About Your Blog

Run a successful blog

To make a blog successful, you must make sure that you are providing regularly updated posts that your readers want to read.

Your blog should be about one main thing. Focusing your topics makes it easier for like-minded individuals to find you, it makes it easier for readers to continue reading your blog, and it makes people feel better–when your readers know what to expect, they are more likely to come back. They are more likely to share and pin your posts. They are more likely to remember your articles.

The amount of posts you create can affect the amount (or lack) of readers that you have. If you post five times a day, your readers might be overwhelmed and feel frustrated when they can’t read all of your blogs, but if you post every three months, your readers won’t come back and refresh your page. So what’s the balance? It all sort of depends on a few factors. What are you capable of doing? You don’t want to outstretch yourself or your topics. You want a balance between what’s comfortable for you and what’s good for your readers. There is no one right way; it just depends on you and your needs. Whatever you decide, though, keep it consistent.

Don’t just throw in random content. We love to read about your personal life, but only if it pertains to the topic you’re writing about. If you have a Chihuahua named Skippy and he always barks when you’re trying to dance to Ke$ha, that might be a cute and funny story, but unless it ties into your blog post in a relevant way, don’t use it. Your readers will be able to tell when you’re throwing in content just to fill up the page. If you have nothing real to say, don’t say anything at all.

Remember that your blog is about your business and your brand–keep your information relevant, easy to read, and related to the theme of your company.

A Little Every Day



At Entermotion, we know that every little bit counts, which is why we love contributing to the Dollar A Day program. Dollar A Day is a really easy way to support the companies you love and to discover new companies to support. Every day, they showcase a new nonprofit and everybody has the ability to donate $1 to that company. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but those dollars add up. So far, 871 people have signed up to donate, and we love being part of a large team of funders.

We’ve supported the Solar Electric Light Fund, The Trevor Project, Echoing Green Foundation, the Give Back Yoga Foundation, and a bunch of other nonprofit organizations. It’s easy to sign up and support nonprofit organizations and, like the title indicates, if everyone puts $1 a day, the world can be made that much better.


Your Blog Wish List



We’ve all been there. It’s 3 p.m. on a Friday. You’ve been working since 9 a.m., and the idea of creating blog content seems just about as fun as cleaning the toilet with a toothbrush. You realize that you need strong blog content to gain and keep your clients interested, but what should you do if you hate writing content?

The first step you will need to take is to write or outsource content. If you hate writing blog content, your readers will be able to tell immediately. You won’t be engaged or engaging, and your readers will slowly fall off. Now, you don’t have to blog every day, but you should try to create a weekly and monthly blogging plan so that you can outsource if you need to. Allowing content writers to create personalized or targeted blog content will allow you to focus on other parts of your business. So the first item on your wish list should be to find a blogger.

The second item on your wish list follows naturally from the first: create and organize your blog content. We love using the Jumpchart app that we created because it makes it easy to collaborate on projects. If you hire a blogger or decide to do it yourself, the second item on your blogging wish list should be Jumpchart. It doesn’t matter how compelling your blog content is if you can’t keep track of your blogs. Once you create a Jumpchart account, you will be able to track updates, liaise with your authors and web developers, and set up weekly or monthly blogging goals.

The third item on your wish list has less to do with organizing and writing, and more to do with design. You may have awesome content, but you need to have a great way to show off that content. Having a well-designed website will ensure that your content gets read and that you get more clients. Once you decide on a design firm, you should check out our post on things to ask your designer or design firm.

The last thing you should do is congratulate yourself. Running a successful blog or website is hard. You’ve put in the hours, found a blogger, organized your blog content, and set yourself up with a solid designer. The work is far from over, and every day is going to bring a new challenge, but to really see your blog’s success, you have to step back and be proud of what you’ve created. If you aren’t proud of your work, no one else will be.

How to Say Thank You



Happy Thanksgiving! Before someone eats all of the turkey and falls asleep on the couch, you should take some time out of your day to say thank you to your clients, employees, bosses, and colleagues. We love writing customized letters, and we’ve created some simple ways to design a memorable and customizable thank you card.

The first step to creating a personalized thank you card is to plan. Create a list with the people you want to thank and some reasons why you are thankful for them. Make sure that your comments are personal, honest, and reflective of the way you actually feel. Once you plan, you can pick your medium. The best way to say thank you is whatever way you know how. We love writing cards by hand, but an email thank you might be just as nice.

Make sure you include the following information:

The person’s name: you can’t write a serious thank you letter if you don’t personalize it. Make sure that you spell their name correctly—you don’t want your thank you letter to backfire!

Specific reasons you are thankful: this is very important. You want to make sure that your note is personalized and specific. We’ve created some examples below:

Thank you for helping me get settled in my new position.
Thank you for being an open communicator.

Expand: Explain a bit about why they are important to you.

I couldn’t have finished Project Y without your help!
I enjoyed staying up-to-date with your current projects.

Create some follow up: This is where you show your client, friend, or colleague that you care about their future plans.

I hope you have a wonderful year!
I hope that you have a peaceful Thanksgiving, and I wish you the best!

Sign off properly: Like your introduction, you need to create a personal sign off.

Sincerely, Entermotion
Happy Thanksgiving! Entermotion

No matter how small or large the gesture, thank you cards are a welcomed indication that you support your colleagues, friends, and customers, and these cards will ensure that your customers or friends feel recognized, loved, and acknowledged.

Happy Thanksgiving! We will be out of the office on November 27th and 28th for family and turkey time, but we will be back and ready to go on December 1st.