Congratulations to BLN on their New Website.


We love when we get to work with great people on a project they’re really passionate about. In fact, it’s why we do what we do! We just launched a brand new website for Business Leaders Network of Sedgwick County, which is an organization that helps increase workplace diversity by teaching companies how to work with, and integrate those with disabilities into their workforce.

Making information such as this more accessible to the world is really important for their success, and we were happy to have been a part of it. Plus, we love when we get to integrate design elements from our very own hometown!

Check them out at

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Turkeys

We bet you didn’t know…

8. Turkeys sleep in trees.

7. Female turkeys don’t gobble .

6. Eating turkey actually does make you sleepy.

5. Ben Franklin really wanted the national animal to be a turkey.

4. Turkeys CAN fly!

3. Turkeys have periscopic vision. (Because their eyes are on the sides of their heads!)

2. They actually, physically blush when they’re frightened, agitated, excited or sick.

1. Instead of using teeth to break down food for digestion, they have tiny stones in their stomachs that do the job.

We kind of wish we didn’t know about that last one… In any event, we’ll be out of the office Thursday and Friday – but back in action on Monday!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Marketing Strategy.

This is not a self help article. This is not a rant about the state of today’s marketing practices. This is simply a reminder of something you probably already know.

There is so much hype about doing the newest thing. Maybe you’re feeling it? The pressure to use the shock tactic to get your prospects’ attention, make them fall in love with you, and then turn them into purchasing customers. For many people, it’s about the crash bang that draws attention in the first place.

You know, these types of outrageous things:

  • Bubbles: The alien abduction film “Skyline” memorably spread the word about its upcoming theatrical release through creative means at the 2010 Comic-Con in San Diego. Special bright white bubbles were formed into people shapes and then released into the sky. When the people shapes caught the wind, they floated up and around hotel windows and over tens of thousands of comic book convention attendees, appearing to be humans abducted up into space.
  • Hollywood:  Hollywood films continuously seek unusual marketing ideas for finished films, but outrageous marketing tactics have been used to raise financing for a film before it’s made. When the screenplay adaptation of the popular video game “Halo” was submitted to producers around Hollywood, it was delivered by couriers dressed in the signature uniform of the main character — Master Chief — who would then wait in the lobby while the script was read.

Because your company exists probably means you have competitors. So understandably there is pressure to stand out. In some instances, these outrageous tactics worked. Entertaining? Yes. Alluring? Possibly. But keep in mind – what you’re trying to do is convince your customers that you’re real, reliable and a brand they want to associate themselves with. While those loud tactics might turn heads, are they really effective long-term?

The idea is to build a brand, put your voice behind it, and be comfortable with it. No need to perpetually stress over what flashing neon sign will get the most attention.

So if a blinking website, frantic publicity stunts, or any other outrageous technique isn’t exactly who you are, or who you want to be, don’t worry. You don’t need to write it in the sky or anything; you’re real, and that’s what matters.

(Examples above courtesy of

Our Ultimate How To Guide

If you’re in the market for a new website, here’s a roundup of our favorite posts that walk you through the most important steps of the process. Because to us, a website is more than your presence online.

The All Inclusive List of Fundamentals

To kick things off, here is an exhaustive list of fundamentals you should check out when you’re searching for a partner to design, or redesign your website. Even though most of these articles were written years ago, the basics are still the same, and still extremely relevant today.

Now, here are some additional How Tos we think will be helpful during your journey!

How to Tell if a Custom Website is Right for You

Ahhh, Relax. It’s Custom Built.

Having something made specifically for you can’t compare to anything created for the masses, no matter which way you try to spin it. It’s just that way.

Some people have been going the cheap route lately when it comes to print and web stuff. We won’t lie- on some level we understand; we’re not exactly in a booming economy, anyway, and we’re finding our own ways to spend smartly. But there’s one thing we refuse to compromise on: quality.

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How to Know if You Have Taste.

Taste. Do You Have it? Why?

Do you believe you dress well?

Can you look at someone else and diagnose their inability to put together a savvy outfit?
Are you able to look at a car on the street and deem it ugly?

If you answered yes to any of these, here’s another question for you: How do you know? It’s an honest question…

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How to Write Content for Your Website

Why You Should Outsource Copywriting, and How to Decide Who to Hire.

If you have an in-house creative team, copywriters are probably part of it. Many times, this setup is ideal. After all, they’re immersed in your business all day, every day. They know the terminology. They’re right down the hall to yell at if you don’t like something, or praise if you do.

Having said that, outsourcing your copywriting can be incredibly beneficial – oddly enough, for some of the very same reasons.

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New Website Launch: Weckworth Manufacturing

blog-weckworthWe recently flipped the switch on a brand new website for Weckworth Manufacturing. They assemble durable products for different government branches, business owners and entrepreneurs alike. If a material can be cut, sewn, welded, glued, or otherwise bonded together, Weckworth helps their clients put the pieces together.

We love projects like this because we get to help dig in from behind the scenes. The redesign was a great opportunity to reevaluate how they position themselves to their existing customers, and reach out to their ideal target market at the same time. It was also a chance to clarify what people thought they did, elaborate on what they actually do, as well as broadcast capabilities nobody knows about.

We worked with the team at Weckworth to do more than just tell people what they do. Now they’re telling a story – both verbally and visually. The story told on their website is something their clients and potential clients can put their faith in. They know Weckworth will have as much passion for the project as they do!

The entire process was fun, inventive and best of all – creative! We wish Weckworth the best of luck. Visit their new site here:!