Cool Copy Examples

Good copy isn’t enough any more. We need engaging copy— copy that catches readers immediately and leaves them hanging on for more.

Here are some companies that we found doing things right.

Virool makes advertising kind And, of course, they put their copy in video form since that’s what they do best.

The completely true and not at all made up story of how viral video is made.

Lumio has pretty simple copy, but it reflects their simply beautiful designs.

Lumio is the first product from a studio dedicated to helping people live large with less. The studio is focused on multi-functional, everyday objects that are simple, intuitive and beautiful.

The Lumio brand creates modern lighting systems with the simple goal of giving people the freedom to experience beautiful lighting wherever they are.

Another Escape incorporates copy that reflects their vision.

Another Escape is an outdoor lifestyle and creative culture publication that explores the stories of passionate people and the motivations behind their inspirational lifestyles. We cover a disparate selection of subject matter all deep-rooted in exploration, creativity, innovation and discovery. We are gentle and humble in tone with an investigative nature and we look for interesting practices in which people can be exploratory or creative in unusual and extraordinary ways. We aim to be a source of inspiration for those seeking a fulfilling lifestyle.

Parcel has fun and engaging copy that tells the story of their brand clearly.

We’ve done it all. We’ve balked at missed delivery slips, wasted hours of a perfectly good Saturday on line at the post office, and bruised our arms hauling heavy boxes across Manhattan and Brooklyn. We’ve pled with roommates to sign for packages in our absence and even chased a rogue UPS truck down the street. Enough is enough! New Yorkers are busy — you don’t have time to waste on delivery hassles, especially not when the post office’s hours often conflict with your work schedules. So, Parcel was born.

Parcel hand-delivers your packages when you’re actually home. We streamline the delivery process so you can receive your packages stress-free. When you create an account, you’ll receive a unique shipping address at Parcel’s headquarters. You can enter this address as your own wherever you shop online. When we receive your package, we’ll notify you via text and let you schedule a delivery window for that same evening. We’ll come straight to your door and hand-deliver your package.

We believe the delivery process should be convenient, efficient, and reliable. Parcel makes it all that and more — user-friendly, hand-delivered by a team of charming drivers, and punctual to the minute — for just $5. Never miss another delivery!

Brooklyn Bike Company incorporates a simple design and inspiring copy to promote their popular bikes.

We design bikes that fit into your life, not bikes that you need to fit your life around. That’s our bottom line.

For us, riding means commuting, socializing, getting things done and, sometimes, just being seen. And we don’t feel it’s unreasonable to call for comfort, quality and a value greater than the sum on a pricetag when talking about a full-on lifestyle accessory.

Every one of our bikes adapts to your personal style, answers to everyone’s want for comfort, and speaks to the universal truth that anything can be elevated by design. None of it is by accident.

As a brand, we roll peerless by not seeing ourselves as “just a bike company,” but rather as Solutionists set on improving the urban lifestyle experience and reconnecting fellow city dwellers to the streets that map their days.

We’re so sure we got it right, every one of our bikes is backed by our exclusive lifetime guarantee.

Hop Sing Laundromat takes a different approach to advertising— by not advertising and by accepting their pitfalls. Interesting.

Before Hop Sing Laundromat opens its doors, we would like to take this opportunity to make an announcement. More than anyone else, we understand it is impossible for us to live up to the expectations you may have for our establishment due to the massive amount of media coverage and the unprecedented standard which seems to have been set by everyone else but us. The amount of coverage came as a surprise to use, but that is what the press does to new events, items and places of interest as late American author David Foster Wallace once wrote, “it did what all ads are supposed to do: create an anxiety relievable by purchase,” except we did not intend to advertise our establishment. After all, this is just a simple bar and not some sort of Prohibition speakeasy, or retirement resort-themed bar, as we lack the intelligence to execute such a scheme. For our shortcomings, please accept our most sincere apologies in advance.

Marlow Goods uses nostalgic copy to reflect their bespoke leather goods.

Since reading The Ox Cart Man by Donald Hall as kids, and rediscovering it with our children, we have been inspired to recreate the simplicity and wholesomeness of making something from scratch and connecting with local artisans in the North East who are still mastering these traditional crafts. Our commitment to serving 100% grass-fed beef at the restaurants enabled us to make direct connections with farmers and slaughterhouses in the N.E., and to develop a whole animal program. Each season we receive cows, pigs, goats, lambs, chickens, ducks, geese and rabbits from all over New England, upstate NY and Pennsylvania. Everything is broken down and portioned out to the restaurants at our butcher shop. The only part of the animal that we hadn’t been using in 2007 was the hide. So, after 10 years of dreaming together of a simple leather goods brand, we found a tannery in upstate NY who would custom tan the cow and pig hides of the animals that we serve in the restaurants, and our new company was born.

Since that time, we now purchase the raw wool and the pelts from Icelandic lambs and ewes that we serve in the restaurant and turn it into yarn, sweaters, blankets, rugs, and sheepskins. We also have broadened our approach and purchase all our farmers’ hides instead of just our own. Learning about each step in the process from raw material all the way to the finished product and supporting the crafts women and men that make it all happen is what drives us. Everything is processed within 3 hours drive of NYC and sold at the Marlow Goods Shop in the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, where we also curate a small selection of goods from our friends and fellow designers Ulla Johnson, Caron Callahan, A Détacher and many more.

Make Content King


Once upon a 2 p.m. dreary, the team sat weak and weary.

Mr. CEO gathers the team together to talk about “deadlines.” He unrolls his notes, adjusts his tie, and opens up his computer to drone on for 45 minutes. Employees A, B, and C pretend to take notes while imagining they are in adventures Indiana Jones would be jealous of. Some imagine they are on the beach, or better yet, sleeping! No one is engaged because, although the CEO has the right words, he doesn’t know the way to present them. This is a sickness we like to call “boredom.” But never fear, boredom can be remedied with a few tools.

The Write Tools

We have all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. But what if a few words is worth a thousand pictures? What we mean is that sometimes, all you need are the right words in the right order to evoke an image in the minds of your readers. Here’s how you can tell your story the right way:

Use metaphors. We talked about metaphor as a powerful tool for branding, but it is equally important in writing. A metaphor is when you compare two seemingly unrelated objects by saying one thing is something else. Metaphors allow our readers to make quick connections between two things. Metaphor bridges the gap from storytelling into every day life. We’ve all heard phrases like, “The assignment was a breeze,” or “it’s raining cats and dogs.” Those are metaphors— they are used to help us compare item A [the assignment or the rain] to item B [the breeze or cats and dogs.]

I am a rock. I am an island. – Simon and Garfunkle
All the world’s a stage. – Shakespeare
You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog. – Elvis
‘Cause baby, you’re a firework. – Katy Perry

Metaphors are how we go beyond selling into storytelling. No one likes to be “sold things,” but we all love a good story.

Use the senses. Not everyone is going to understand exactly what you mean, but if you incorporate some of the senses (sight, smell, etc.), it can bring your readers closer to the world that you are trying to create. Instead of saying “we need sales,” talk about how it would feel if the team made another sale. Instead of talking about why your cakes are yummy and delicious, talk about how the scent of cinnamon and chocolate will remind your customers of their grandmothers’ house. Instead of using logic and reasoning, use storybuilding to get your point across.

Prepare Your Content

To prepare your content, check out some of our recent posts on understanding your audience, questions to ask before you create a content strategy, and ways to optimize your web content.

The Story First


We love narratives. We gravitate toward them, and they can help us understand ourselves. And for your business, the story is the most important part. Sometimes, it’s even more important than what you’re selling or providing.

To plan your story, you’ll want to incorporate traditional narrative techniques that will highlight the characters, setting, exposition, and moral.

How to Begin

Your “characters” will be a big part of your story. Every captivating story has the hero — and you’re the hero of your own story. The hero is someone who has had to overcome some obstacle to get where they’re going. Place yourself and your company at the center of your story, and your customers will begin to see it for what it is.

Choose Your Setting

Of course, you’ll want to incorporate some type of setting into your story. Where did these events take place? Did you transition from one type of place to another? Think about how the vivid setting might affect what your readers think about your brand.

Give Enough Back Story

Then consider your “exposition,” or the background that led you to this point. Your readers will be interested in learning about your journey — what twists have you encountered? What downfalls? What successes?

Share Your Moral

And then, of course, your readers will want to know the “moral” of the story, or that one idea that you want to leave your readers with. This can be as simple as “our products will help you feel better faster,” or it can be more complicated, but the story should leave your readers with some lasting idea of your brand.

Once you create your story, your customers will be able to better understand your brand, your products or services, and your beliefs, and will be more likely to trust your brand in the future.

How Metaphor Can Help Your Brand


Your brand doesn’t exist only in your mind, but it isn’t necessarily a tangible thing that people can touch. So how can you bridge the gap between the brand that exists in the mind and the brand that people can actually visualize? Easy. Through metaphor. Brand metaphors are effective tools that will allow your customers to see what you want them to see.

What Metaphor Is

Your metaphor isn’t just what you say and how you say it– it’s how your customers view your brand. It’s the whole package. It’s why we say Kleenex instead of tissue, why people freak out over Rolex, and why people spend tons of money on Chanel bags. We believe in the brand. We believe in the story behind the brand. We believe in the lasting value of that brand. And we believe in the metaphor of that brand.

Visualize Your Brand

To make sure your clients can visualize your brand, you must make sure that you can visualize your brand first. To do this, think of objects that might represent your brand. Are you more of a Chanel or a Mossimo? Do you hold your customer’s hands or do you let them choose? Are you like the 4th of July or like mother’s day? Thinking in terms of metaphor can help you solidify your goals and express them in a more tangible way.

Become an Archetype

Another way to think about your brand’s metaphor is to visualize your brand as an archetype. Is your brand an outlaw? A sage? An achiever? Imagine your brand as a person. What do they stand for? What do they believe in? What can they achieve in a day? This activity can help you begin to see your brand as a caricature of itself– and it may help you notice  the direction that you want your brand to take.

Speak to Your Readers’ Emotions

An effective brand metaphor campaign involves listing those attributes that make your brand unique. What sets your brand apart? How can customers visualize your brand with one simple idea? How can you brand change the way people view themselves? Once you think of these things, you can start to create an effective brand metaphor plan that will speak not only to the minds of your customers, but to their emotions.

SMTP Cheat Sheet

SMTP Cheat Sheet

Make Your Email Work for You

Clients are consistently confused about how to set up their SMTP, and it’s a shame because there’s no one answer. Your SMTP settings depend on a variety of factors, but we want to make it easy for you to get the information you need.

If you’re confused about how to send and receive mail, look no further. SMTP is the way that your electronic mail is transmitted away from your computer or phone to the recipient’s computer or phone.

SMTP is handled differently by different ISPs

You have to make sure you properly set up SMTP on your phone or computer. Whenever we set up an email for you, we can handle all the receiving stuff, but you have to make sure that you apply the proper settings so that you can send mail out based on your Internet provider and/or your mail provider. In some cases, your Internet provider may also be your email provider.

Get Set Up

To get set up, you’ll want to check your mail provider (Gmail, Outlook, AOL, etc.) and look for their SMTP settings. Once you have those settings in hand, you can accurately set up your email account to send and receive mail.


Instructions on how to set up SMTP for Outlook.


Instructions on how to set up SMTP for Gmail accounts.


Instructions on how to set up SMTP for AOL.


Instructions on how to set up SMTP for Ymail accounts.


Instructions on how to set up SMTP for Zoho accounts.


Instructions on how to set up SMTP for iCloud accounts.

If you’re still having trouble setting up your SMTP, double check that the port you’re using is correct. Then, if you’re still having problems, contact your email provider for support. And remember, if you’re going through a different third-party server than the ones listed above, make sure you check out their website or service page for information on how to set up your SMTP.

Spam Issues

If you’re receiving a lot of spam, you may want to double check the port that you’re using. Port 25 is not very secure, and many providers block this port for security reasons. If you set up your mail but you still aren’t able to send outgoing messages, you may need to make sure that, if you’re using port 25, it’s allowed. If not, you’ll need to check with your provider to see if there are other port options available.

Resources on Blocked Ports

Time Warner Cable
Century Link
Cable One

For other resources, please visit your Internet provider’s website.