Welcome to the Responsive Age: Contech USA

One of our longstanding clients came to us and asked what they could do to improve their site. We were bubbling over with ideas – not because the site was bad, but because improvement is an ongoing thing, and we wanted to see them keep up with their competitors.

So we just started talking it out. Did they have any new goals? Had their services changed? Were they trying to reach a new target audience? After discussing with our client how their business has shifted, adapted and grown over the past few years, our conversation landed in an expected spot: mobile accessibility. They’d been noticing more and more of their customers and potential customers attempting to access the site on a cell phone or iPad. That was all well and good because we built the site to perform on a mobile device. But the fact was, technology had advanced since we first launched, and it was time to be brutally honest. Their customers’ mobile experience could be better.

And so we decided to do the thing that would bring Contech into the mobile age faster than anything else. We’d make the site responsive.

Healthy Websites Address Edge Cases Early On


Are you focusing on edge cases? If so, don’t tell that to Paul Boag because he’ll tell you to stop. If you’re building a reasonably large website there might be hundreds of tasks that a user could be trying to complete. But you cannot, and should not, try to accommodate all of them.


Be Mysterious, Not Esoteric

If you’ve visited LA or NYC in the past few months chances are you’ve seen one of these strange billboards.


Is this high art? (Seriously, this might be the most non-functional thing we’ve ever seen)


Make 2014 The Year Of Responsive Design


Cheryl Conner recently posted her thoughts on design in 2014. She promptly cites New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, saying in a recent interview, “Design does matter. And not necessarily in a way that people realize.”


Give And Receive Through Visual Design

This literary gem from illustrator Leeandra Cianci beckons a backstory. It was featured on Explore, a ”discovery engine for meaningful knowledge.” The map re-imagines Manhattan as the setting of various scenes from film, literature and comics.

Click to view up close

Click to view up close