Health ICT Spotlight

You know the book Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson? We love that book for its chunks of wisdom (“Pay attention to your joy, that feeling will grow.” (Don’t Sweat). What’s not to love, right? But we’re in the business of design, which means we pretty much do sweat the small stuff. And the not-so-small stuff. And the hey-why-doesn’t-your-logo-match-your-brand stuff. Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Health ICT’s new site, which allowed us to sweat all of the small details that we love.

We Perked Up for Health — And For Modern Icons…


HealthICT is a Kansas-based initiative that seeks to reduce the cases of obesity, diabetes, heart attack and stroke in Sedgwick County. We created an educationally relevant and graphically imaginative site that would pull all of their information in one navigable site. And while we did that, we were most excited about the watercolor feel that we gave to the pages. We’re always happy when we can combine our childhood dreams of paint and water with our restraint and reverence for clean designs.

So Many Wows, So Little Time

Every design team probably has that wow moment. And probably all employees of any type of company have that wow moment. The moment where you realize exactly how cool the project you’re working on is. That wow moment came for us early on. When we were designing, we had visions of old-school educational documents, vintage posters, and a light color palette that brought us back to the school locker room — where we could get fit and learn something new.

Check out their new site here, and when you’re pumped to get healthy, you can drool over these vintage posters from the New York Public Library for more inspiration!

February Playlist


Happy February! We’ve been hiding from the snow, the rain, and the cold by staying cozy with our February playlist.

Emily Jane White – Wild Tigers I Have Known

Diane Cluck – Easy to Be Around

Margaret Glaspy  – You’re Smiling But I Don’t Believe You

Disclosure – Help me Lose My Mind

Ciara – Paint It, Black

Mikky Ekko – Watch Me Rise

Nora En Pure – Come With Me

Flying Violently – Yes Please

Belle & Sebastian – Judy and the Dream of Horses

Ben Kweller – Lizzy

Artists We Love

Mary Blair



You may not have heard of Mary Blair, but we bet you’ve seen her work somewhere. Born Mary Robinson, this artist was awarded the Walt Disney Disney Legend award posthumously in 1991. We love Mary’s work for a variety of reasons: some of us are fascinated by her ability to create a scene that is both dark and whimsical at the same time; some of us are obsessed with her ability to work with color, which might be why she was called a “color stylist” on Peter Pan; and some of us love her for her large imagination.

- (Image via Huffington Post.)

Franz Kline

       Franz Kline







We are obsessed with Kline’s abstract expressionism because of the way the work changes meaning based on who looks at it. Where some people see a window, others might see a door. Where one person sees a face, another person sees a flower.
- (Image via Artsy.)

Ray Eames

 Ray Eames








Of course, we all go gaga over the Eames Eiffel chair (created by Ray and her husband Charles) for its simplicity, its sleek lines, and its ability to make any space feel more modern, more sophisticated, and more…well…better. But we also love Ray Eames’s paintings.

- (Image via Dear Hancock).

Lou Romano


Lou Romano is an animation production artist and voice actor whose work inspires us. Browsing through his blog, we came across graphic, almost vector-like images that hinted towards Blair’s dark mood. Besides just the aesthetics, we love how Romano’s blog showcases the process involved in his art. Check out his blog here.

- (Image via Lou Roman’s blog).

January Roundup

Happy January! We’ve been happily working around here and we’ve been honored to get busy with some amazing projects. Here’s a little peek at what we’ve been up to recently!

We launched Fisher Lumber’s new website, wrote a blog about it here and put it in our portfolio here. Whew!

We teamed with Hanson & Wright and Copp Media to design, coordinate, and launch Cornejo & Son’s new website!

We donated $100 to this awesome charity, The Need, in the name of our friend and past team member Matt Soria.

We’ve been creating Atlas MD’s referral program campaign.

We’ve been working with the Wichita Aero Club to send out emails promoting their upcoming Gala.

And it’s not just us– a lot of our friends and business relations have been doing some incredible things!

For Atlas, DPC doctors are happy — they made the right decision.

Contech has been providing informational blogs to help readers understand the new PATH act.

Open Range productions has been adding some beautiful new videos to their portfolio.

Stribling Equipment and Empire Trucks opened up a new location along I-10!

Youth Academy is holding their Dare to Dream workshop on Wednesdays in Kansas.

We’re excited to see what our clients and friends do this year! If you have exciting news to share with us, please email so we can celebrate with you!



Extending Your Brand: How Design Firms Can Help You Reach Your Goals

How to Extend Your Brand

Imagine that you handle sales for a mid-sized company, but your boss calls you in for a meeting on Monday morning. Your boss needs you to handle a redesign of your website, but you’re not a designer. Instead of searching for freelancers or contacting your cousin’s friend’s girlfriend who once designed a website for your uncle Larry’s spa company, it’s best to have a company on standby whose work you trust and whose capabilities are aligned with your mission. Working with a trusted design firm can help you ensure that your goals and vision are met with excitement and skill.

A Lasting Partnership

A creative partnership is not easy— it takes a lot of meetings, a lot of saying no, and a lot of trust, so it’s important to forge partnerships with people that you trust. Yes, metrics matter. Yeah, analysis is important. But if you can find a team whose spirit you believe in, who motivates you to perform your best every time, and who can help you achieve your goals, then the rest will follow from that. When you work with a design firm, you work with a team of people who care about your goals, who understand your needs, and who can help you make progress.

Sharing Success

Imagine that you receive an award-winning logo from a design firm. After five months, your company receives some local successes. Your products are appearing in magazines, your team is winning awards left and right, and your brand is starting to stand out. Your design firm is going to celebrate with you. A design firm is going to act as a partner, your biggest fan, and your support system. They’ll know your company intimately, so whenever there’s a problem, you can call them up, they can fit you in, and you can show up to work happy and healthy on Monday morning with no signs of sweat, Photoshop disasters, or broken websites. It’s as simple as that.

Specialists Are…Special

This one is obvious, but it’s something that we think gets thrown under the rug a lot. Specialists are trained and skilled at what they do. You wouldn’t go to a veterinarian for a haircut (even though they can probably cut a mane very well), and you wouldn’t look to a ballerina for an oral exam (unless they also have their Doctor of Dental Surgery degree). The beauty of working with a firm is that they care deeply about their cause and they care deeply about yours because, let’s face it, when you do well, they do well. And they want to be toasting the Champagne with you when you hit your goals.

What You Can Get

A design firm can give you tons of support, but we like to think that the best thing they can offer is a sense of peace. Yeah, you still have to go to your boss and show them what the design firm came up with, but the pressure is off of you a bit because you’re working with a team of people who understands the business of design and who can deliver on exactly what they promise. It makes it a little bit easier to manage the rest of your workflow when you don’t have to think about the design and upkeep of a website.